RESOLVED: Email Outage Across All Systems

On December 30th, 2013 there was a system wide email outage that impacted delivery of email from all of our systems. This includes customer WordPress sites, notification emails from My Pressable, support requests submitted through My Pressable, and email inquiries through our own website.

What Happened: On December 27th we were notified through some older ( channels of an issue with our account at our provider. On December 30th there was a miscommunication with a configuration change and our account was temporarily suspended. This suspension resulted in the immediate halting of all email sent from our systems.

We were able to identify and correlate the issue through several customer issues. Once we determined the issue was with the changes at our provider we worked with them to restore services. At approximately 5:00pm CST our account was restored, and messages began to queue for delivery. However, complete services were not restored until 9:00pm CST.

What We’re Doing: We’ve made some adjustments to the account control for this service provider so that more people are aware of changes made. We’ve also evaluated fallback options should we need to implement a new solution in the future.

While this was a unique issue, we do apologize for the scope and time of the outage. We’re continuing to see what else we may be able to do to improve the reliability of this in the future as well as prevent any further issues.

Please also keep in mind, that if a request for support was submitted through the My Pressable control panel during this time, we would NOT have received that request. We apologize for that, but please re-submit your issue if you still require assistance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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