Load Balancer Issue

We are experiencing a load balancer issue that is affecting a small number of sites. We are working with Rackspace to have this issue corrected and will keep this updated as we have more information.

UPDATE 9:02 AM CST:  Rackspace has experienced a hardware failure which required migrating the cloud load balancers to new hardware. Affected sites are back up now, but may go up and down as the migration continues. We are continuing to monitor things and will update more as the migration completes.

UPDATE 9:44 AM CST: We are still seeing sites go up and down. The migration is still underway, we will update again with more information as we recieve it.

UPDATE 10:04 AM CST: Migration is complete and all sites on cluster 12 are back up. We have a small number of sites on cluster 17 that are still experiencing issues. We are tending to those issues and will update again shortly.

UPDATE 3:15 PM CST: There are still some lingering affects from this morning’s outage on cluster 17. Sites on this cluster may still be experiencing intermittent issues. We are aware of this and are working again with Rackspace to have this cleared up. All other clusters are up and stable.


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