DNS Outage Update July 23, 2012

As of 5:00 AM July 23, 2012, our DNS provider Zerigo is still down. Therefore a lot of our customer sites are not resolving. This is making it look like the servers are down. We thought about emailing you about this issue as it was happening, but we realized since the name servers are down, email systems around the world wouldn’t know how to send you email either. So, right now this status blog, and twitter are the only way for us to let you know what’s going on. 

To keep up with the status of our partner, you can go to: http://www.zerigostatus.net


UPDATE 6:15AM CST: Zerigo is still working on mitigating the effects of the attack and bringing things online. We’re monitoring the situation, and hope they’ll get things under control.


UPDATE 7:40AM CST: Zerigo is still working on mitigating the issues they’re having. We’re continuing to monitor the situation.


UPDATE 11:35AM CST: There’s nothing new from Zerigo in terms of the status of the issues. We’re continuing to monitor things.


UPDATE 2:05PM CST: Here’s the latest from Zerigo on the issues:

We are still under a very large DDOS attack primarily affecting our European customers. Our #1 priority is getting our customers back online. We are working to bring our DNS services in the US to full capacity. Currently we are at 50% in the US. Our servers in Amsterdam and Singapore are serving our European customers at 33% capacity.


UPDATE 8:05PM CST: Another update from Zerigo:

Posted at 07/23/2012 23:57 UTC At present we’re waiting on the ISP’s operating our networks in Dallas and London to lift the null routes blocking traffic to c.ns.zerigo.net and d.ns.zerigo.net. SoftLayer reports that d.ns.zerigo.net will be available at 22:06 (GMT-5) (in about 3.5 hours) from now.


UPDATE 6:45AM CST: Finally some good news from Zerigo:

c.ns.zerigo.net and d.ns.zerigo.net are back online thanks to the ISPs in Dallas and London lifing the null routes.

DNS should be back online and responding normally for customers. If you’re still having issues, please don’t hesitate to email help@zippykid.com and we’ll take a look. We’ll be making a more detailed comment shortly (on the main blog/via email) about our plans moving foward.

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