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500 Errors on a Limited Number of Sites

3:51 AM UTC, December 6: Our systems team has located the issue and implemented a fix. All affected sites should load without issue. If you continue to experience problems, please reach out to the Helpdesk by emailing or logging into MyPressable to initiate a chat.

2:46 AM UTC, December 6: At 1:27 AM UTC, we began receiving reports of inaccessible sites on our platform due to 500 Internal Server Errors. Our systems team is currently investigating the cause. We will update here with more information as it becomes available.

500 Errors on a Limited Number of Sites

At approximately 2:29 UTC, a limited number of sites on our platform became inaccessible due to a 500 Internal Server Error.

Our systems team immediately began to investigate the issue and discovered the cause at approximately 4:37 UTC.

By 4:54 UTC, all affected sites were restored.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact support at

Issues with ticket submission through MyPressable

13:15 UTC: We are investigating an issue in our control panel that is preventing ticket submission. This issue seems to have affected ticket submission through MyPressable since Friday, September 28 at approximately 16:00 UTC. If you need support or have requested support in the last 48 hours via our user control panel, please email us at

16:26 UTC: Our development team has resolved the issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at