Update to Rackspace Emergency Maintenance for MyPressable Control Panel

This is an update to the emergency maintenance previously scheduled by Rackspace, our backbone provider, for the MyPressable control panel.

Rackspace will reboot a portion of its cloud infrastructure this Tuesday and Wednesday to patch a security issue. Rackspace first attempted to live-migrate the servers which host the MyPressable control panel but those attempts failed.

Maintenance is scheduled to take place from 10:00pm CDT on Tuesday, October 27 to 4:00am CDT on Wednesday, October 28 and again from 10:00pm CDT on Wednesday, October 28 to 2:00am CDT on Thursday, October 29.

During these maintenance windows, we expect a brief interruption of service to the MyPressable control panel. The MyPressable control panel provides access to features/settings for individual sites on your account. If the MyPressable control panel is unavailable, visitors will still be able to access your site(s) and you will still have access to wp-admin.

We will be monitoring the situation closely. Additional updates regarding the emergency maintenance will be shared on our status blog.

We’d like to stress again that we do not expect the emergency maintenance to affect your site(s) but you will receive a separate notice if your site may be impacted by additional emergency maintenance. Thank you for hosting your site with Pressable. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our help desk (support@pressable.com).