RESOLVED: Chicago and Virginia Datacenter Outages.

Due to our upstream provider having connectivity issues, we are currently experiencing downtimes at our Chicago and Virginia Datacenters. We are currently working with our provider to correct this issue. We will continue to update this post as we get more information.

UPDATE 4:41 PM CST: After further investigation, it appears that this outage is only affecting customers in our Chicago Datacenter.  We are still trying to gather more information from our provider so we can provide a possible ETA. 

UPDATE 5:15 PM CST: We are still working with our provider in order to diagnose this issue. We should have a more detailed update very soon. 

UPDATE 6:30 PM CST: We are seeing some clusters begin to online. We are working on rolling out the rest of our clusters to full functionality now. We will update once that is done. 

UPDATE 7:47 PM CST: We have restored functionality across our systems. If you are continuing to see issues with your site/s, please submit a ticket via your control panel.