Service Availability Issue on Galaxy01

We’re currently experiencing an issue with a cluster named “Galaxy01” that’s causing high load across the system which results in sites being down or displaying 502 error messages. We’re investigating the root cause of this issue and will provide an updates as we have them.

UPDATE 11:15AM CST: We’re continuing to investigate issues causing higher than normal load on the systems. We’re also working to bring new hardware online which we believe may help to alleviate some issues.

UPDATE 12:25PM CST: We’re currently in the process of bringing the new hardware online which is causing some downtime while it starts taking traffic. We apologize for the issue and expect the new hardware to be 100% functional shortly.

UPDATE 1:00PM CST: The new hardware is online and we’re starting to see usage return to normal. We’ll provide an update when things are more stable on the systems.

UPDATE 3:25PM CST: We’ve seen stability in the systems for the past hour and are continuing to monitor systems. If you notice any issues, please let us know.