RESOLVED: Email Provider Outage Causing Issues


Our email provider, Mailgun, is experiencing issues that is causing our customer emails to not be sent in some cases. This originally resulted in emails from sites not being sent appropriately in addition to ones that come from our control panel.

These issues occur as a result of a larger emergency maintenance at Rackspace itself.

As this maintenance has progressed, our email provider has subsequently been able to restore service and emails from sites have begun sending on a much more consistent basis.

As of this morning, Mailgun is still working through some lingering issues and one of those issues affects emails being sent from our control panel.

Once they are done addressing this, emails will work appropriately across our network again.

You can read more about the Mailgun outage here:

You can read some about the larger Rackspace Emergency Maintenance here:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our helpdesk at

UPDATE 09/29/2014 @ 11:07 AM Central: Our control panel is experiencing intermittent downtime as a part of this ongoing issue. If you are having trouble accessing the control panel, you might try giving it a few minutes and trying again. Once this issue has subsided, the panel will work normally again.

UPDATE 09/30/2014 @ 6:30 AM Central: We’re still working with our email provider (Mailgun) to resolve lingering issues caused by their downtime. Currently issues seem to only be impacting customers in the same datacenter as Mailgun services. We’ll provide an update as soon as we’ve learned more from our provider.

UPDATE 09/30/2014 @ 11:00 AM Central: We’ve confirmed with our provider (Mailgun), that they are still experiencing issues with their systems. We’re in constant communication with them providing them details as they test fixes to bring services back to 100%. We’ll update you as we have more information.

UPDATE 09/30/2014 @ 12:40 PM Central: At this time mail services have been restored across our systems. Our tests show everything working properly now and we’re expecting no further issues with email delivery. A huge thanks to Rackspace and Mailgun for staying on top of this and getting things resolved.