Database Server Issue

We’re currently experiencing an issue with a database server that caused sites across our systems to go offline briefly.

We’re still examining the cause of the issue, but for now we expect sites to be working properly. If you continue to have issues, please email the helpdesk and we’ll investigate.


UPDATE 8:22 CST: It appears as though the issue is not fully resolved, we’re continuing to investigate the problem.


UPDATE 8:50 CST: The issue should be resolved now. If you continue to see problems, please let us know and we’ll continue to investigate.


UPDATE 9:10 CST: We seem to be experiencing more issues with the database server. We’re continuing the investigation.


UPDATE 10:25 CST: We belive an adjustment we’ve made to the networking configuration of the system will solve the problems. We’re continuing to monitor the situation, but things appear to be much more stable.

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