Maintenance Window – Scheduled / Expected Downtime

Hi Everyone, 

We’re trying to mitigate the downtime as much as possible, but some of you may experience a downtime of 1 to 3 hours today around 6PM CST. 

What’s happening?

Rackspace is moving some of our servers onto bigger, better hardware. This is going to cause some bouncing around, as we move your data across data centers, change ips, and other fun and nerdy stuff. 

Sorry for the short notice, most downtime should not be more than 5 minutes, but there can be some sites that take a few hours to bring back.


UPDATE 9:20PM CDT: Some customers are still being affected by the migration process. We’ve touched base with Rackspace and everything is moving along as expected. We do not have an ETA for the complete restoration of services.


UPDATE 6:30AM CDT: The Migration at Rackspace (for a large majority of users who saw issues) finished around 2:50AM CDT. We apologize for the long day, but appreciate your pertinence while this happened. If you have any continued issues please contact

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