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Limited functionality with database. – Emergency Maintenance


Some customers are experiencing limited functionality with the database systems, the symptoms appear to be that their posts and updates are not saving. Customers may also be experiencing issues approving comments or changing site/plugin settings. New site deployments and clones may also not be working.

What caused this?

This is due to a problem in our database cluster, currently when you save a new post, or update an existing one, we write to one server, and then the changes are propagated to 4 other servers. The link between the server you write to, and the servers that replicate the changes has been severed. This gives the illusion of things not being saved.

Time to resolve this issue

We are working to resolve this issue as soon as we can, in order to do so, we will need to make a change to the system where you will indeed not be able to make any changes for about 10 minutes.

We will provide an update to this post when the maintenance has begun. We do not expect any downtime, just the inability to save a post or new posts. Your website will continue to be served to your visitors without any issues.

UPDATE 10:10AM CDT: We’ve begun the maintenance on the database server and expect things to go smoothly. We’ll provide an update when the maintenance is completed.

UPDATE 10:35AM CDT: We’re currently experiencing an issue with the database maintenance that’s causing an interruption to service. We’re working to move traffic to one of the secondary servers and bring things back online.

UPDATE 10:55AM CDT: We’ve brought secondary servers online to help bring things back online. We’re still working through remaining issues with the emergency maintenance.

UPDATE 11:40AM CDT: Our team is still working on the ongoing database issue.

UPDATE 12:30PM CDT: The team is still hard at work resolving database issues.

UPDATE 1:30PM CDT: We’re expecting things to be more stable at this time and most sites to have returned to normal. If you’re still experiencing issues please let our support team know so we can investigate for you.

Database Maintenance: Friday, May 30, 1:00am CDT

On Friday, May 30th, 2014 at 1:00am we’ll be performing maintenance to our database servers. We do not expect this maintenance to be disruptive, however, some users may experience brief interruptions in service.

This maintenance is part of our ongoing efforts to continue improving the reliability and stability of our platform.

We’ll provide an update when the maintenance has been completed.

If you have any questions, please contact the support team through the control panel.

Update May 30th, 0150

The maintenance was successful and is now complete.

COMPLETED: Scheduled Database Maintenance – Sunday December 15th at 11:00pm CST

On Sunday, December 15th at 11:00pm CST we’ll be performing maintenance on our database servers that will cause sites to be unavailable for a period of time. During the maintenance sites will show the following message:

“Error establishing a database connection”

This maintenance is expected to last no more than 30 minutes, but we’re hopeful things will be completed much quicker. Please also note, this maintenance will only impact customers in our “ibm.dal” datacenter. Customers can quickly identify if they’re in this datacenter by looking at their sftp hostname, or checking to see if their site uses a CNAME containing soyuz, sputnik or pagespeed-beta.

We will also be notifying impacted customers via email. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the control panel.

UPDATE 11:45PM CST: At this time we’re still working to complete the maintenance. Things should be wrapped up shortly as things are still progressing as planned.

UPDATE 12:00AM CST: The maintenance has been completed as planned and sites should be functioning normally. We appreciate your patience during this, and if you’re experiencing any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Emergency Database System Maintenance

We need to perform an emergency maintenance on our database systems to correct an issue with replication. This will bring the database servers offline briefly, but they should return to normal status shortly after that.

We’ll update this post when the maintenance is completed.

UPDATE 12:05PM CST: At this time the issue with the primary database server should be resolved. A small number of customers using HyperDB may still be seeing issues. We’re working to resolve those and will provide an update as soon as things are resolved.

Extended ZippyKid Control Panel Maintenance Window

Update November 14th 0950 CST – One more hour, we found a show stopping bug during testing.

Updated November 14th 0852 CST

We’re almost done, just have some minor hiccups that we’re ironing out. We estimate everything to be functional by 1000 CST on November 14th.


On Thursday November 14th 0100 CST, the ZippyKid Control Panel (My ZippyKid) will become unavailable for approximately 8 hours, or 0900 CST.

This maintenance window does not affect your websites, just the control panel. This means you will not be able to do the following:

  1. Add a new site
  2. Remove a site
  3. Clone a site
  4. Purge Cache
  5. Add a collaborator
  6. Access phpMyAdmin
  7. Reset SFTP Password
  8. DNS Modifications

We’re sorry about the short notice, we have some big news to share with you tomorrow, we wanted to do it seamlessly, but this won’t be possible.

I promise, the news will be worth it.

Scheduled Maintenance Sunday April 7 0030 – 0230 (12:30AM – 2:30AM) CST

In our ongoing efforts to give you the best WordPress Hosting on the planet, we need to make some system wide upgrades to our infrastructure. These upgrades will be happening on Sunday morning at 12:30AM CST, and will last 2 hours, till 2:30AM.

During this maintenance window, all websites will show a generic message letting you and your visitors know that the website is down for maintenance.  We’re sorry for the downtime, but this is absolutely necessary, to keep up with our growth, and to continue to serve you in 2013.

For the geeks: We’re upgrading our NAS again, adding drives that are much faster, which should result in “Zippier” websites.