404 Error Affecting Limited Amount of Sites

3:56 UTC – Domains have been added to all affected sites and they are now back online. Please contact help@pressable.com if you have any questions.

20:18 UTC – We continue to move files and databases into the restored sites. Once this process is complete, we are adding domains to the restored sites. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

17:37 UTC – Sites have been restored to the affected accounts. We are now in the process of adding the domains to the sites.

14:12 UTC – Progress continues to be made with the small amount of remaining sites to restore. Thank you for you understanding and we will continue to regularly update.

09:00 UTC – The engineering team has restored several sites. However, some of these sites may not have primary domains set or be in Production Mode. Once the primary domain is set and Production Mode is enabled, any issues you observe with domain redirects and missing JavaScript or CSS files should resolve themselves within approximately 10 minutes. Our apologies in advance for the inconvenience.

A very small number of sites may still be affected by this issue, however. We are working on restoring these sites and will post here once we have more information. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk: help@pressable.com.

08:12 UTC – The engineering team continues their work. We anticipate most affected sites to be functioning properly within the next hour.

07:12 UTC – Our engineering team continues to work on the restoration of the affected sites. We expect the majority of them to be online in the next 2 hours. We thank you for your continued patience.

06:12 UTC – Our engineering team is implementing a fix to restore all affected sites. We will have 80% of the impacted sites back online within 3 hours. We are exploring all methods of restore from our backups and will keep posting as information becomes available or every hour until this is resolved.

05:12 UTC – Our engineering team continues to work on restoring the affected sites. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

04:12 UTC – Our systems team is currently investigating an issue that caused some sites on our platform to become unavailable. This issue occurred as a result of routine maintenance. We have isolated the cause and our engineering teams are working to restore the affected sites as fast as possible.