Database Character Set Issues

On Friday, June 10th, at 17:37 UTC (12:37PM Central) we accidentally deployed a platform-wide change that caused the DB_CHARSET value to be set incorrectly on most Pressable-hosted websites. DB_CHARSET is very important, as it tells the web server which character set to use when talking to the database server. It’s important that the values on both the web and database servers match and our change caused a mismatch.

We identified the problem and rolled back our changes at 19:52 UTC (2:52PM Central), but during the 2 hours and 15 minutes the problem existed, if you edited any content on your site, there is a chance it’s now corrupt. This corruption can appear in a few different ways, but one obvious way is that quotes might now appear as “gibberish”. Unfortunately, the problem is not limited to pages and posts, but can also affect widgets, settings, etc.

One of the benefits of our new 2.0 platform is a high level of automation and consistency across severs and websites. This should result in a more consistent, predictable, and improved user experience. Unfortunately, in this case, our newfound automation caused a major problem and for that we apologize. We are adding additional tests, checks, and monitoring to ensure a similar problem doesn’t happen in the future.

If your site has been behaving strangely since Friday, please get in touch and we’ll help you restore things to normal.