Rackspace Scheduled Critical Maintenance

This is a notice that Rackspace will be performing critical security related updates to many cloud server host machines in order to patch vulnerabilities in Xen Hypervisor.

You can read more about this maintenance here:


These patches/updates will require host machines to be rebooted, subsequently causing cloud servers hosted on them to require a reboot as well.

As it relates to our customers, here are the maintenance windows that we have been provided with and can expect we will begin seeing server reboots occur based on cluster:

  • Hyperion, Pegasus, Cartwheel Clusters
    • Tuesday, March 3rd 01:00 – Tuesday, March 3rd 05:00 EST COMPLETE
  • Galaxy01, Thor, Bode, Ursa, Hydra Clusters
    • Wednesday, March 4th 22:00 – Thursday, March 5th 06:00 CST
    • Thursday, March 5th 22:00 – Friday, March 6th 02:00 CST

To find out which cluster your sites are on, please reference our knowledge base article on identifying which cluster your site is on.

We definitely understand these kinds of outages are not ideal but we are hoping this early notice is helpful in the way of being able to notify your users, visitors, and customers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the help desk via your my.pressable.com control panel.

Thank you!