Connectivity Issue inside Rackspace Data Center

We’re currently investigating a connectivity issue inside our Rackspace Data Center which is causing dropped connections to sites. We’ll provide an update when we have more information.

UPDATE 4:55PM CST: One of our firewall edge devices was overloaded and shutdown causing the interruption in service. We’re still investigating the root cause of this, but things appear to be coming back online at this time.

UPDATE 5:05PM CST: We’re still investigating this with our provider, but we believe the edge device is having a hardware failure that is causing the problems. We’re working to prep a replacement as quickly as possible.

UPDATE 5:15PM CST: Rackspace is having a replacement edge device prepped and put in to network at this time. We’ll provide an update as soon as the new device is online and operational.

UPDATE 6:05PM CST: Rackspace confirmed that there was not a hardware failure, but rather a DoS attack was being directed at our edge devices. At this time the core network team has blocked these attacks and we’re continuing to gather more information. We expect things to be more stable at this time.