Update on Database Outages this Week

Currently the team is still working to get services back to 100%. This means that we may still be experiencing performance issues and outages. We apologize for this, and we’re working as quickly as possible to get things stable.

As part of the outages, new site deployments are halted for the time being while we work to stabilize things. This impacts all new and existing customers… we’re sorry, but we need to get stabilized before we can bring on more sites.

Also, any customers who are still experiencing issues with their site content missing, or the site not looking like their own site, should email help@pressable.com. We’re working quickly to respond to these, but there may be a delay in responses.

Apologies again for the issues. We’ll continue to provide updates throughout the day in this post.

Also, a special thanks from the everyone on the Pressable team for all the kind words and support we’ve received through back channels and in comments to tickets. It really means a lot to have that support through these hard times.

UPDATE 4/24/14 at 3:45PM CentralAt this time we’ve restored the ability to provision new sites on our systems. This means customers can add new sites to their accounts, or clone existing sites. Any sites that are stuck deploying or cloning will be removed and then you’ll be able to set those up again.