Investigating outage

RESOLVED @ 8:33AM CST: Things have been stable for more than 8 hours. The root cause of the incident does appear to be a spike in traffic to our servers which caused a rather ungraceful failure of a couple load balancers.  We’ve identified some issues that will help prevent this scenario in the future and will be implementing them over the next few days.

UPDATE @ 12:18AM CST:  All sites continue to operate normally.  We will continue to monitor things throughout the evening.  Our initial findings show that this incident was most likely caused by an abnormal spike in traffic toward Pressable’s servers.

We are currently investigating an outage affecting a percentage of the sites on the Pressable platform.  Currently, everything is back up and operating as expected.  The partial outage lasted from around 11:00 Central to 11:30 Central time.  Once we have more information, we will update this post.