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I love uncomfortably hot weather, animals and helping people (in no specific order). If I'm not working, then my wife and I are probably hiking with the dogs, or curled on the couch with the cats binge watching Netflix :)

SSL Provisioning Delays

Update: This delay has now been cleared and newly created sites are being issued certificates without delay. Thank your your patience.

There is currently a delay in issuing new SSL certificates for newly added custom domains on and VIP sites.    This does not affect previously added  domains.  Nor does it impact the data on your site.

WordPress 5.8

All sites on the Pressable platform have been automatically updated to WordPress 5.8

This major release includes bug fixes and many new feature updates, Block-Based Widget Editor, Block-Based Template Editor, and a new WordPress Patterns Directory.

To see a full list of features and changes, please head over to the release announcement.

Service issue – Creating new sites and page view calculations

Update: 2:00 PM UTC0 the issue with new site creation and page view calculations has been fully resolved. We thank you for your patience while we investigated and fixed the source of the problem.

If you still find that you are having problems, please try refreshing your browser and then contact our support team.

At 1:00 PM UTC0 we began experiencing an issue displaying page views and creating new sites on our platform.

Our team is currently working to identify and fix the cause.

Existing sites will still function as expected, even though you will not be able to see your page view stats.

New sites will temporarily not be able to be created. This includes cloning an existing site.

We’ll continue to update here as necessary.

WordPress 5.8 Beta is now available

The beta version of the next WordPress update is now available on Pressable sites.

Pressable allows you to test your site on the current Beta release of WordPress. This allows you to check your third-party themes, plugins, and custom code in advance, to make sure they are all compatible with the upcoming stable release of WordPress.

If you’d like to learn about how to test your site on a bet version, please see our knowledge base article:

Test WordPress beta versions

WordPress 5.7.1

All sites on the Pressable platform have been automatically updated to WordPress 5.7.1 This minor version release includes the various small bug fixes.

For a detailed list of the changes included in this version, please check the version history HERE.

WordPress 5.7

All sites on the Pressable platform have been automatically updated to WordPress 5.7. This release includes the following features:

  • Version 9.9 of the Gutenberg plugin, including various block improvements
  • Robots API and Media Search Engine Visibility
  • Detect HTTPS support
  • Lazy-load iframes
  • jQuery migrate-related Deprecation notice clean-up
  • Admin color palette standardization

You can read more about this release here: